Freeways are Freeways and City Roads are City Roads, there is no confusion about that.

By definition a Freeway is - FREE - of pedestrians / cyclists and T or cross junctions. Our planners have never either understood this or did not care or had ulterior motives.

Let me illustrate by begining with a freeway/ motorway in UK. This is M1 going from London (South) to Northampton and beyond to Scotland.

As you can signnificant planning and care has been taken in the above design which replicates all over UK.

The Blue circle is Northants county with residents and industrial estate.

Now lets look at NH4 as it cuts through Pune -

As you can see the blue circle and the thick residential / commercial growth was allowed by civic officials-politician-builder nexus

Now lets look at Mumbai-Pune expressway, supposedly one of the best planned ones in India -

Now we just have to wait to mess up the Mumbai-Pune expressway - its onlt a matter of time.

Now see the image of Bangalore with the NH4 -

The red line cuts through the city (once upon a time when the city was small it was a different story). Note all other highways cutting across inside the blue circle. There is no problem in developing on either side of a freeway or motorway/highway but if Pune (and so also Bangalore) had ensured that development is off-set by 30 meters, slip roads will have become part of the infrastructure.

Its too late now, but in effect NH4 within city limits has been rendered in to any other city road - full of junctions and pedestrians and we can only blame our civic staff for it.

A ring road will be useless, instead a motorway design linking innner Bangalore with every major National or State Highway (red circle below) will do the trick -

It may seem like a detour for traffic going through but actually it will be much faster.

This will also mean that highway sections within the Red Motorway will have lesser traffic , making them safer.

Further, the highway sections within the Red Motorway need to be reclassed as dual carriageways.

By reclassing them, the appropriate pedestrian safety infrastructure can be put in place.

Right now we are trying to treat highways within city limits as highways when in fact they have become city roads.

Below I am using Google Images to showcase the M25 motorway and how it connects not just with inner London but all other Motorways - this is Freeway designs at its best (when Pune and Bangalore talk of ring roads, anything other than something planned on the lines of M25 will fail).

I am not a fan of mega projects, but if there is a need for one when it comes to road building, we need something like this rather than the hotch potch of flyovers within cities that are designed to push chaos from one junction to the next and nothing more.

Dr Adhiraj Joglekar